2015 Senior Week Guide

Lauren Karlson, Writer

A trending topic amongst our seniors is what is planned for Senior Week. One of the senior’s class advisors, Mrs. MacLean, stated that the class officers are planning a field day, a cruise, and a visit to Kimball Farm.

Senior cruise will be on June 2 in Boston. The field day will be at Franklin High on June 3. The class officers are making it as festive as possible. They are also trying to get food trucks to come for Field Day along with games. The trip to Kimball Farm will be on June 4.

Many students have expressed their frustration with the decision of not going to Six Flags. There was a push that Senior Week was beginning to be too much and that it needed to be limited to three events. It was concluded that when students are at Six Flags they are disconnected and don’t spend time with their class, defeating the purpose of Senior Week.

Mrs. MacLean states: “Bringing the class together is the most important thing. It’s a celebration of four years of hard work.”

The chaperones are yet to be determined, but will consist of teachers and class advisors. Several teachers want to participate so events will have to be alternated.