The New England Patriots: A First Month Progress Report

Dylan Adiletto

Today, Brendan Sicchio, a Freshman at Franklin High School was interviewed about the New England Patriots and was questioned on how well they were performing and what the keys are to their success.

Sicchio was asked the following questions:

  1. “How do the Patriots this year look like the dominant Patriots from 2007 without Randy Moss?” Sicchio replied saying Rob Gronkowski is a big factor and Tom Brady is the best Quarterback of all time.

He also added: “Edelman is a great returner and wide receiver but doesn’t get lots of credit with Gronk around.”  

Sicchio then stated: “Brady has many weapons on offense and knows how to spread the ball at the right time, whether it’s a lob to Gronk or a slant to Amendola, Brady gets everyone involved, making it easier on him. Plus he is very accurate and doesn’t throw many interceptions, causing many drives to the end zone.”

  1.  “What game was the best so far?” Sicchio replied with the 40-32 Victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday September 20th.     He said it was enjoyable to watch and a tough battle on both sides, unlike the Steelers and Jaguars game.
  2.  “Where do you think the hardest game will be played?” It looks like the hardest game is going to be against the Broncos,”       said Sicchio.
  3. “Can you explain your reasoning?” “Denver has an amazing defense, leading the league with sacks, and in second with two interceptions, they know how to keep to ball out of offenses hands,” said Sicchio.             
  4.  “Coming off that subject, when do you think the Patriots will have their first loss?” Sicchio believes that they will lose to Denver, which is week 12. He thinks there is no other real hard team on their schedule, so he believes Denver will give the Patriots their first loss.
  5. “Who on the Patriots is the biggest playmaker?”  I’m not sure, they have many people that make plays but I would say Edelman. He returned four punts for touchdowns and is a great number one receiver.