Interview with Vincent DiFilippo 1: Coach Bain

Photo by Ryan Lanigan,

Vincent DiFilippo

Vincent: Hello everyone and welcome to Pantherbook! I am Vincent DiFilippo and I am joined by football coach Eian Bain. Coach, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this interview.

Bain: You’re welcome

Vincent: Let’s start out with our first question. What is your biggest hope for the Panthers this season?

Bain: Our biggest goal is to end mediocrity. We only won the league titles twice in 35 years, which is not good. We will become an elite program in the future.

Vincent: Alright, second question. What is your team’s greatest strength?

Bain: Our greatest strength is that we have talented and dedicated players.

Vincent: Weakness?

Bain: We have a young football team

Vincent: Third question. Who is your toughest competition this year?

Bain: Ourselves. We are the number one thing that we can control. We need to compete with ourselves more

Vincent: Last question. Who on the team has stood out so far?

Bain: Jake Noviello, Brian Kosicki, Nolan Mclaney, Sean Leonard, Jackson Gilbert, and Riley Downing.

Vincent: Thank you for your time Coach Bain.

Bain: You’re welcome. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Vincent: Next interview will be on the players of Coach Bain’s team, but for now, I’m Vincent DiFilippo for Pantherbook, and I will see you all later.