Striking Out Hunger One Bowl at a Time


Kayla Palmer, Writer

Empty Bowls, a club at FHS is working to bring awareness to strike out hunger and bring the Franklin community together.

Members of Empty Bowls work year round to prepare for the end of year event. To do this, the club creates ceramic bowls that help raise money for the Franklin Food Pantry.  The community is able to buy tickets prior to the gathering. One ticket pays for a bowl, a serving of soup, bread, and a dessert.

The 3rd Annual Empty Bowls dinner will be on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Franklin High School cafeteria.

 2nd Annual Empty Bowls Dinner, May 2017

The money from the tickets bought goes directly to the Franklin Food Pantry to help pay for fresh produce, animal food, and personal products.  At the event it is important to bring awareness to the families in Franklin who access the food pantry. Just in Franklin, there are around 500-600 families who use the food pantry.

Franklin High School ceramics teacher, Ms. Johnson said that hunger is a very sneaky need; it is important to raise awareness to those who suffer from it.  In the U.S. every 1 and 6 Americans are dealing with hunger.  The goal of the Empty Bowls Club is to help this number decrease.

Empty Bowls meets every Monday after school in the ceramics room (room 138) to create the bowls that will be at the end-of-the-year event. It is also a chance for students to work with clay that may not have a chance to take a ceramics or art class. Students join Empty Bowls because it is a chance for them to help their community while incorporating art into doing so.

Marissa Randlett, a sophomore, at Franklin High School, said that her first year at Empty Bowls was really fun. She said that she liked meeting new people and making bowls while also making an impact on the community. Randlett has also told her friends about Empty Bowls and many have joined.

Chloe Naff, who is also a sophomore at FHS, just joined Empty Bowls this year because she has heard from her friends that it is really fun. Naff is excited to be part of the Franklin community.

Ms. Johnson, the advisor of the Empty Bowls club, hopes that the club will bring awareness to strike out hunger. She also hopes that faculty will begin to take part in making a bowl. Empty Bowls is a chance for students to get together and get themselves involved with the community.

 Bowls Made During Empty Bowls