You are the Future

Shane Truenow

Peace Takes Practice

“A leader is one who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.” -John C. Maxwell.

Leadership is a trait that all should strive for. A leader is looked up to. They display what should be done no matter what. It will guide you and make you better in all ways. It is a skill that will never leave you. Being a leader can help with jobs, sports, and everyday life. Leadership helps reveal your true character and is a very desirable quality that few are able to master.
If you have been invited to Peace Takes Practice, do not miss this wonderful opportunity. There will be a variety of guest speakers as well as workshops and team building activities that will hone your leadership skills and will be an enjoyable event. If you are contemplating going to peace takes practice, don’t because you will miss on a great opportunity to better yourself as a leader and as a person. For more information click the link above.