Coping With School Stress

Elise Ravech

As a student at Franklin High, how often are you assigned homework?

Homework stress is a continuous thought on students’ minds. A question often asked towards students is “do you enjoy homework?” and more often than not, they reply with “no.”

Many students feel that it is an added on stress and isn’t actually helping them remember the information from class. Many students believe homework to be a tedious subject, that is very ineffective.

The majority of students view school as a burden, a day of seven hours where their time is mostly spent doing enjoyable school work  with an additional amount to be completed at home.

Some students would even agree that they spend more time stressing over the amount of work rather than completing it.

Students often feel stressed when trying to plan out their schedule, with all of the pressure to accelerate in school along with sports or any extracurricular that is done.

Even trying to get enough sleep each night can be an inconvenience. Students are so occupied with school, homework, and various after-school activities leaving them feeling tired and overworked.

Students believe life would be just better if there was less of a weight on their shoulders. Anyone who has less stress in their life has more time to enjoy the things they want to.

Students generally feel like they are trying to achieve something that is not attainable in their daily life, and if there was less stress they could focus on friends, family, and most importantly themselves.

If there was less of a workload Freshman, Aislinn Lavery, believes that: “Students would probably enjoy school more.”

Additionally, Lavery believes that getting rid of the stress stemming from not having enough time to socialize or even sleep would be gone. Students would go to school to learn and have the rest of the day to just enjoy themselves – we are only kids once.

In some cases, students may enjoy a workload that is not too heavy. Homework can act as an activity to feel productive, but there is a point when it can become too much.

When you are given a huge workload, Freshman, Clare Bowen believes that is it best to manage your time, but also find time to relax.

She says: “It’s gonna be over soon, and you’re going to be somewhere else soon.” Bowen admits that focusing on summer vacations or things that can put a quick smile on your face help get through the stress they are going through.

Students often feel that the administration has a major impact on the amount of homework. They can help to balance the workload and understand that students have a total of seven classes. Each of the classes assigns their own homework load as well.

Another tip for students is to communicate with their teachers. Teachers can use feedback to try to help you manage the workload or projects. Teachers really do want you to succeed.