Meet the Franklin Job Coach

Meet the Franklin Job Coach

Isabel Guilmette, Writer

Are you an FHS student who is in need of your first job? Are you tired of your old job and need a change? starting this year, FHS has the solution to one of high school students’ biggest problems: the job hunt.

Blanca Di Giacomo, the person behind the FHS Job Coach Twitter page, is a special education teacher at FHS. She specializes in helping students prepare for life beyond high school. She realized that the difficulty of obtaining a job is a universal problem for students.

On the twitter page, @FHSPantherJobs, Di Giacomo posts current job openings she finds near and around town that would be ideal for students sixteen or older to apply for, as well as reminders and encouragements for students to put themselves out there and to follow up on applications they’ve already put in.

In the digital age, Di Giacomo finds that the Twitter page is the most accessible way to reach out to students who might not otherwise be looking.

With over three hundred followers on Twitter, the FHS Job Coach Twitter page is certainly growing fast. Additionally, Di Giacomo has specific jobs that you can contact her in person about. For any other questions, you can contact her via Twitter or via email,