Diverse Foods to Make This Holiday Break

Nihara Lijan, Writer

Don’t Let COVID get in the way of your Holiday Spirit! Try something that you have never tried before… for example, try to cook! Oh come on! It can’t be that hard! There are many things you can cook for this holiday season. Some may be traditional and some may be different! 


Here are some examples of things you can make:



Holiday Tortellini Soup: A hearty soup that is full of flavor- his soup might just be the thing for you to enjoy and it is easy too!


Swiss Cherry Bruschetta: A spinoff of a cherry and chicken main dish that is sweet, tart and salty!


Peppery Roast Beef: Contains a spicy coating of horseradish sauce- this tender roast is going to be the ⭐ of any meal!


Chicken Cordon Bleu: A very comforting and easy to make recipe made for friends and families to enjoy!



Herb Cheese Rolls: Hot rolls are flavored with garlic, dill and cheese with/without butter- perfect for mini sandwiches!


Spinach-Mushroom Soup: This Spinach- Mushroom soup is the perfect partner to any buffet!


Puff Pastry Holly Leaves: An easy and elegant appetizer to start off your dinner with your family!


Maple Pumpkin Dinner Rolls: Enjoy your first autumn side dish by making these dinner rolls!



Vegan Green Bean Casserole: With mushrooms, onions, beans, pepper and more, this casserole is sure to make your day! 


Easy Vegan Roast: An easy vegan turkey roast that’s quick and tasty and perfect for the holidays! 


Vegan Pot Pie: A comfort food that is the vegan version of the traditional chicken pot pie!


Vegan Christmas Grazing Table: Create a colorful and tasty vegan grazing platter at home with your family and friends! 



Smoked Salmon Dip: The perfect easy-to-make dip for any occasion in general! 


Brown Butter Salmon: This is a four-ingredient roasted salmon recipe you will definitely want to memorize for good


Grilled Harissa Shrimp: You can cook this meal up in just minutes and everyone will love it!


Baked Almond-Crusted Cod: This recipe is an easy and delightful meal to prepare that is both healthy and flavorful! 


Try something new this vacation! As a reminder, don’t forget to wear masks and stay safe! Happy Holidays FHS! See you next year!