Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month

Lily Eattimo, Writer

Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated annually between September 15 and October 15, strives to honor and recognize those who trace their roots back to Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Spanish-speaking nations of Central and South America. 

This month is focused on increasing visibility, spreading awareness, and appreciating the impact that Hispanic and Latinx people have had on American culture. Supporting Hispanic or Latinx-Owned Businesses, recognizing Hispanic art, and appreciating Hispanic history are all different ways to celebrate this month.

Being able to appreciate historical and contemporary Latin leaders who aspire to make a difference within the United States allows us to create better educated and more welcoming communities. Additional sources with more information can be found below. 

These articles detail influential Hispanic leaders who made history with their words and actions. 

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Hispanic Heritage Month Resources  


Hispanic history is not generally taught within our history classes, but is still widely accessible in our lives. These links highlight influential moments within Hispanic and Latinx history. 

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