I Ate School Lunch for a Month So You Don’t Have To


School lunch catches a lot of flak. Some of it’s deserved, but the monthly menu is full of diamonds in the rough.

I have eaten school lunch every weekday for 12 years, so I am expertly qualified to judge their merits. In case you’ve been spending long block under a rock and didn’t know, school lunch is free this year, which means the lines are getting longer. But which meals are worth waiting for, and which should you avoid at all costs?

I bought and reviewed the “international” lunch (the second station, with rotating daily meals) every school day for the month of October. Click through the slideshow of photos below to find out which meals will leave you wanting seconds (and which will leave you wanting Uber Eats).

Have you tried any of these lunches? Which is your favorite?

P.S. Absolutely no shade to the lunch ladies. They are so sweet and deserve to be thanked more often.