Balancing School and Work

Balancing School and Work

Georgie Collins, Writer

Many students don’t realize how much they are giving up when they get their very first job.

Yes, getting a job in High School provides spending money for the majority of students but for others getting a job is much more than that. It is a necessity for some, in order to help support family, save up for college, or pay for a mode of transportation. 

Most people just dive headfirst into their first job and later get hit with this wave of exhaustion. Having a job affects you physically and mentally. A job makes it hard to manage all of your schoolwork, your job, and your personal life. 

Franklin High School Junior, Taylor Pimentel, works as a hostess for a local restaurant and says it is a struggle for her to make plans with friends and find time for her homework.

High School Students already struggle enough with keeping healthy sleep habits and making sure that they are eating right, as well as keeping up with all their school work. Having a job just adds to the struggle, making balancing their teenage years even harder.  At the same time, students are becoming more and more aware of this struggle themselves and trying to build skills that allow them to find more success. 

Kathleen Dowley, a sophomore at Franklin High School, says that using checklists and being organized helps her take control of all of these responsibilities. 

All this can be overwhelming for any high school student. Thankfully there are many resources available to everyone that can help manage school, work, and life.