First Hiking Club Meeting

Bridget Haggerty, Writer

On the fence about joining the Franklin Highschool Hiking Club? Wondering what it’s about? 

The purpose of this club is to enjoy nature, with other peers who also enjoy the outdoors. It is a great way to connect with the Franklin Community, and a chance to explore and learn more about nature. Anyone who wants to get some fresh air and exercise with friends would enjoy this club

This year the Hiking Club plans on doing several hikes, including a couple further away hikes, possibly in N.H. Some of the local hikes you may have done or heard of, are the Trunkline Trail and Purgatory Chasm. Not all hikes are mandatory. The easier hikes should be around an hour and a half, and the more traditional hikes will be around 2 to 3 hours on Saturdays. 

The Hiking Club is one of the newer additions to Franklin High Schools Clubs and activities. It was created around the middle of last year by advisors Ms. Chaisson, and Ms. Balliro. Because of all the shown interest at the Club Fair this year, the Hiking Club is anticipating more people to join on their hikes than the previous start-up year.

If you are interested in joining, join the google classroom (code: qs6ktti), and come to the first meeting on Thursday, Oct. 21, after school in Room 207. There is an activity fee to join, and the club will fundraise to get busses and funds for entrance fees. Hope to see you there!

Classroom code: qs6ktti

Instagram: fhs_hikingclub

Twitter: FhsHikingClub

Advisors: Ms. Balliro ([email protected]) and Ms. Chaisson ([email protected])