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Red: Cannot Stop Crying.

Red: The title track hits so much harder this time around. Everything about this song was perfectly done. It echoes Red (stolen version) beautifully. A lovely combination of sadness and wanting to dance. This song, much like Stay Stay Stay, shows the naivite of Taylor’s thoughts on love were at 21 when she wrote the album.

I Almost Do: This song genuinely floored me in the best way possible. There was not a single flaw, just the same masterpiece it was before. It details the struggle of hurting so much from a break up that you cannot even talk to the person because the idea of losing them again is too painful.

The Last Time (feat. Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol): One of my all time favorite Taylor Swift collabs. Gary Lightbody is extremely talented and deserves high praise for his role in this song. Taylor and Gary’s voices mesh together beautifully, making this heartwrenching duet the perfect song to cry to. The conversational aspect of the lyrics makes it such a magnificent.

Sad Beautiful TragicSuch a sad song, but has marvelous lyricism and a soothing melody. This song will make you feel all of the emotions and you cannot even be mad about it because of genuinely beautiful it is.

The Lucky One: This one also hits different re-recorded, especially after Taylor disappeared for a year after the drama with Kanye and his abuse of her public image. She felt like she was no longer valued by the public, and left the public eye until the release of her Reputation album (which needs to be re-recorded as well). The song details how stars feel after being famous for a while, and no longer feeling shiny and new. I loved The Lucky One before and I love it even more now.

They tell you that you’re lucky, but you’re so confused because you don’t feel pretty. You just feel used”

— Taylor Swift, The Lucky One

The Moment I Knew: A reminder to everyone- show up to your significant other’s birthday party! It seems like an obvious thing, or a simple task, but Jake Gyllenhaal did not get that memo. The Moment I Knew makes you want to cry, and throw eggs at Jake Gyllenhaal’s house. Poor Taylor turned 21 and spent the whole night waiting for him to show up… Absolutely adore the song!

Come Back… Be Here: Just so beautiful. Taylor captures the idea of longing in a perfect way, and her vocals are incredible. But this version of the song feels less desperate than the original, which may have to do with her general happiness in her life now, but it is missing the same level of emotion as before. Overall, still a wonderful song that I will be playing on repeat.



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