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Red: Falling in Love

State of Grace: I was so tempted to move this song to the get up and dance category, but the description of falling in love and them being your weakness is too powerful to leave the song anywhere that isn’t the falling in love category. The imagery in this song makes my heart swell, and Taylor’s version is flawless.

Trecherous: My favorite song off this album in 2012 and in 2021. Somehow it got even better in the re-recording. Trecherous is about knowing someone is bad for you, and falling for them anyway. Taylor disregards any red flags and explores passion in her relationships as a young adult. This song will always make me feel a certain way, it is indescribable.

Holy Ground: A song about a wonderful first date, one that makes the ground they walked on holy. It captures the feelings after a first date the same way Fearless does. It is heartwarming and full of budding romance.

Everything Has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran): From Ed’s “you good to go?” at the beginning to the outro, this song was faultless. Both Ed and Taylor’s matured voices make the song even better than it was before. Simply, this song makes me so happy.

Begin Again: Taylor, once again, makes a perfect replica of her original recording. Here, she sings about her first date after a crushing heartbreak and how hard it is to unlearn habits that were reinforced from an abusive boyfriend. Taylor explains the way simple acts make her feel cared for because she was not used to that anymore. It is a lovely song about new beginnings and a blossoming love.

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