The 5 Worst:

Halle Goldsmith, Editor


  1. Heart bones by Colleen Hoover: ★★☆☆☆

Honestly, thinking about the ending of this book makes me so angry and I almost want to drop the rating down to one star. It was a classic romance with a boring plot line, and the characters did not develop and just seemed so hollow or one dimensional. Truly this book lacked originality and engagement, and the cringe factor of some of the writing does not make this book worth reading. 

  1. The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han: ★★☆☆☆

Frankly this book was poorly written and the plot lines were confusing and uncomfortable. The protagonist was annoying and could have so easily solved her issues if she was willing to be mature for ten minutes. She was self centered and made everything complicated for no reason. It was aggressively underwhelming, but mildly entertaining. 

  1.  Beach Read by Emily Henry: ★★★☆☆

There was no substance to this bool, but it was a fun read nonetheless. It was a tad boring at the start and there weren’t any “wow” moments that really made the middle worth dragging through. The ending was also rushed after the slow, slow start and middle of the book. The main character, January, also just annoyed me- her “I need to be unique” routine is overdone and boring. Overall, it was upsetting after the amount of raving reviews for this book. 

  1. The King at the Edge of the World by Arthur Phillips: ★★★☆☆

This book was written in a beautiful way, the words and the prose were lovely. The topic and content of the book was thought-provoking and it was incredibly interesting to read about the division of Christianity (Catholic vs Protestant) in the 16th century through the eyes of a Muslim. Although, the characters were not very memorable or exciting. Even King James, who the novel spent the majority of the time with, lacked any vitality or emotion that would make readers like him. 

  1. Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney: ★★★☆☆

I really wanted to like this book because I love Sally Rooney and Normal People was one of my favorite books of all time. The book definitely matured from her other two, and featured a lot of thought-provoking insights in between the more plot-based chapters, but again I had an issue with the characters. The leads kept making mistakes and doing things that felt irredeemable or lacked overall growth from beginning to end. These characters were static and underwhelming.