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Do you think there’s value in early action/decision over regular decision?

January 30, 2023

“There is definitely value in EA/ED over RD. Since the application is so early, it shows the college you care about and you will be competing in a smaller applicant pool than if you applied for a regular decision. If you have a dream school, or a school you definitely want to go to, I would recommend EA/EDing to them because your chances of admission actually increase if you EA/ED to a school.” – Anurag Kavishwar

For me, a good tour should expose me to both the academic and social settings of the school so that I can understand what it’s like to both study and live there.”

— Leo Yang

“I think both are equally as important. If you know what college you want to go to and where you see yourself in the future I think early action or early decision is quite beneficial. If you don’t really know where you are going and if you want to keep your options open, I think regular decision is important. If you still don’t know what you want to do I would recommend early action because it benefits you more than regular decision. Either way, all three options are great for you – it depends on where you stand in your decision process.” – Kaitlyn Carney

“Yes, especially early decision. It’s perfect if you know what school you want to go to since there are higher acceptance rates. Early action is good if you want to get your applications out of the way. If you feel there’s more to put on your application, then it’s totally fine to do regular decision.” – Aradhya Garg

College admissions can be intimidating – we hope that this advice will make the process seem more manageable!

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