Big Game, Lame Ads


Creative Commons/Flikr/Youtube

Not all Big Game ads can reach the heights of Dunkin’s (I’m looking at you, M&Ms and E*TRADE)!

Grace Tucceri, Writer

Last Sunday, over 50 official commercials aired during the 57th edition of the Big Game. Unfortunately, most of them stank more than Budweiser Clydesdale manure. However, there were a few surprise hits that join the ranks of Oatly’s “Wow, No Cow!” in the pantheon of iconic ads from the last three years. And by few, I mean a lot less than the number on the jersey worn by Patrick Mahomes. Take a look at four hits (and four flops) below:


Maybe it gets a few extra points in my book since Dunkin is a quintessential part of New England life, but the J-Lo cameo and the concept of Ben Affleck running the drive thru came to life in the company’s first ever Big Game ad. Hands down, the best ad of the year (and it’s the only one rated a “9” on the USA Today Ad Meter)!


Even the iconic Maya Rudolph can’t save the once beloved candy brand. Amidst all the controversy surrounding the chocolate coated mascots, the ad fumbled big time. Worst of all, Ms. Rudolph came off as annoying and, yes, unlikable for once in her life!


Who sat on the remote? No one, actually. Perhaps the most brilliant ad since last year’s bouncing QR code from Coinbase, a free streaming service managed to send families nationwide into a frenzy. Not too shabby of an effort for the guys who promote free episodes of The Masked Singer 24/7. Speaking of The Masked Singer, this serves as a warning for the Season 9 article dropping in the near future.


Creepy talking babies + the babies getting married = icky advertisement. 

BEST: Disney100

Yes, I’m a sucker for all things Disney, but it WORKED! Celebrating 100 years of magic by revisiting Disney classics, Marvel hits, and a Grogu appearance as well for sure grabbed my attention.

WORST: Planter’s

Who thought that an ad titled “The Roast of Mr. Peanut” was a good idea in 2023? The jokes didn’t land, nothing thrilling occurred, and it was so bad that I wanted Baby Nut back. Boo. 

BEST: Uber One

Diddy assembled one-hit-wonders for an ad that hit all the right notes. The “What Does the Fox Say?” guys came out from hibernation (cough cough, 2013) to “ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding” ten years later. A pleasant surprise to say the least.


“I’m shoppin’ like a billionaire! I’m shoppin’ like a billionaire! TEMU, TEMU! Shoppin’ like a billionaire.” UGGHHHHHHH. Easily the most annoying ad of the night!

That’s a wrap on the yearly roundup! As for now, I’ll be rewatching the Barbie trailer that should’ve been aired instead of the painful Fast X one.