Franklin High School Dress Debate Video #1

Queen Butahe

Franklin has been a strong high school in our community for many decades. Apart from its success in providing a better education to its students, the dress code has been an ongoing problem at Franklin High School. “Enforcing the code is the problem” says Mrs. Hayes one of the faculty and in agreement is student Ricky.  Ricky also feels the students have too much freedom in terms of what to wear in school.

The school administration had an assembly for all Franklin High School students in order to speak to them about how they dress inside the school. The rules were simple “No Six Bs”  says Mr. Light, Franklin High principle. The Six Bs is an abbreviation for saying no BELLIES, BUTTS, BREASTS, BRAS, BOXERS, BACKS. But you could wear anything you want as long as it is school appropriate. The administration have told students that they would be sent home if they do not meet high school dress code. Although a simple dress code it has been difficult for some students to follow. ‘The six B’s are just talk,” says ( Diander, Alex, Proyiba, Magen, Laura and Jeny    ) Ricky, who is a junior says that “We see our classmates dressing up in  almost nothing and they are not sent home. The entire thing is a joke,”

I, Queen Butahe, a junior at Franklin High School,  decided to interview different students in Franklin High School, from all grades so they may give their opinions on the dress code.  The students, Megan  ( jenny,  alex,)that it is not fair for those of us who follow the rules, who go to assembly. While those who did not try to fix their appearances do not face the consequences .  The (Protiba,and   Megan) say that they who abuse the dress code do not show self respect, or any indication of being true to themselves and  don’t  achieve the respect from others, and this is what our classmates deserve. By doing what is right in life, you can be you and still be popular.  In fact, why be popular in the eyes of who do not value you as a person and as their fellow schoolmate? I have interviewed as many people as I could in order for them to send the true message to their fellow students and hopefully help them in making the right decisions for themselves. I hope that this article would help you as a reader make the right decisions as you open your closet in the morning and chose how you will show yourself today.