Will Wendy’s Reign Supreme

Andrew Sergi

The anticipation of the the new Wendy’s restaurant in Franklin is finally over. After just opening a few days ago, people all over town have been flocking to this new fast food chain. Will Wendy’s detract customers to McDonald’s? Although Wendy’s reputation for “fresh and never frozen” products make it an attractive food establishment, McDonald’s has been the # 1 fast food restaurant in the town of Franklin. I feel that McDonald’s will take a huge blow in their sales because of Wendy’s presence.

” The prices at Wendy’s are a little higher, but you get more for your money and better quality compared to McDonald’s.” Said Wendy’s employee and FHS senior Tommy Corsi. He went on to say that “McDonald’s will still have business, but Wendy’s will be the first when it comes to fast food.

With the opening of the new Wendy’s, what exactly will be the future of McDonald’s. Will it go out of business, or will it stay the same. I feel that their advancement in eating experience and the quality of their food, Wendy’s will thrive while McDonald’s slowly looses business.

“McDonald’s prices areĀ  more competitive, but people will be more willing to pay for better food”. Wendy’s and McDonald’s customer Marco Gobbi said. He went on to say that “Wendy’s is the obvious choice because what they are serving is generally better”.

McDonald’s may very well die a slow death. While Wendy’s thrives off the hungry patrons of Franklin, McDonald’s will be left in the dust. Wendy’s will continue to flourish, but will McDonald’s prices save them, or break them. McDonald’s will not be able to keep up with Wendy’s fast growing number customers and their high quality products and services.