Embracing Food and Beverages at Franklin High

Hannah Sweeney and Juliana Terrasi

Excitement fills the halls at Franklin High as students embrace the newly implemented food and drink policy.

Student government members have been working closely with the administration to bring new policy changes to Franklin High. It was recently revealed that with their efforts, students are now allowed to eat in all classrooms, with the exception of science and computer classrooms, and drink coffee up until 7:35 in the morning.

“Ultimately we want to create an environment where one, kids aren’t hungry all day, and that they have access to food and snacks… within a reasonable constraint,” says Peter Light, Principal at Franklin High School.

This new policy comes with a great reaction from the student body, who have been longing for a new change in the food policy.

“Personally I’m a big fan of it, I know a lot of kids don’t have enough time to eat in the morning before school,” says Charlotte Gardner, a student at Franklin High.

This new policy is a privilege that students must treat respectfully. If students are responsible and with their food and beverages, this new policy will remain permanent.