Taylor Swift goes ‘Red’

Michaela Shimkus

Its Here! The countdown to the official release of Taylor Swift’s  highly anticipated album titled ‘Red‘ has officially begun.

With three of her newest songs already having been surfaced within the past few weeks: ‘We are Never Ever Getting Back Together‘, ‘ Begin Again’, and the title track ‘Red’, Taylor Swift has already captured the attention of all of her fans once again.

“Im very excited. My favorite song would be ‘Red’ or ‘We are Never Getting Back Together’.” stated FHS Senior Peter Segreve on the return of Taylor.

Each track illustrates Swift’s past relationships, breakups, and experiences. All of them have a catchy tune, relatable lyrics, and some even have a country sound to them, like in her song ‘Begin Again‘.

The full version of the title track ‘Red‘ was the most recent to be released. ‘Red’ is about the different colors that convey the emotions involved with her experiences.


“Losing him was blue like I’d never known”

“But loving him was Red”

Swift is always getting creative with her songwriting, and her next album will hopefully highlight her talents as much as her past albums have.

” I love that she writes about her life and experiences, and she doesn’t care what people think of her. She does what makes her happy”. remarked Segreve on Taylor Swift and her inspiring music.

The long awaited album officially hits iTunes at Midnight on October 22nd.

Seeing that Swift’s first few singles have already reached the top 10 on charts across the country and #1 on iTunes, there seems to be nothing but great expectations for her new album ‘Red’.