2018-2019 Staff

Emma Nicholson


Emma Nicholson is a Junior at Franklin High School and a new member of Pantherbook. Whether creatively or for school reasons, Emma has always had a passion for writing. This past summer Emma had the chance to participate in a...

Halle Goldsmith


Halle is a freshman at Franklin High. This is her first year in Pantherbook, which she discovered through her Digital Journalism class. She plans to continue this club for the next four years. Halle has always been very passionate about wri...

Chorr-Kin Chin

Director of Visual Media

Chorr-Kin Chin joined Pantherbook because he believes that he can make this club more than articles and words. Being a visual learner himself, he finds that seeing things can be a much easier and effective way to receive informat...

Anika Patchala


Anika is a freshman at Franklin High. She is a new member of Pantherbook and enjoys writing short stories and plans on being a part of Pantherbook for all four years of her high school.  She is a current member of Mock Trial an...

Emily Vinson


A junior at Franklin High, this is Emily Vinson’s second year writing for Pantherbook. She has enjoyed writing from a very young age and looks to expand upon this passion in the future. In her sophomore year, she took a Digi...

Tim Schecher


Tim Schecher is a freshman who has been writing creatively for a teen audience for quite some time now. He always thinks of his own ideas, he loves characters with...well...character, and has been known to get lost for hours w...

Elizabeth Clark


Growing up writing creative stories, with "Illustory" (a platform to create your own book) being a top Christmas gift, Elizabeth has always had a passion for writing. She got into journalism after watching the TV show "Gilmore G...

Madeleine Lussier


Madeleine “Maddie” Lussier has been a part of Pantherbook since she was a freshman, and has been writing since she could hold a pencil. Despite seeking a career in science and engineering, writing has always been a passion for M...

Alyssa Carolan

Director of Print Media

Alyssa has been interested in writing, both journalism and creative, ever since she was young.  Although she plans to pursue Marketing as a career, writing has always been important to her.  This is her fourth year doing Panthe...

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