Heading off to MICCA

On April 9, Franklin High schools select and chorus with be heading off to Norwood, MA for the MICCA festival, where they will be competing against other schools. The MICCA (Music instrumental and Choral Conductor’s Association) festival gives schools the chance to compete for medals.

“The learning experience is tremendous” said Ms. Krafka. The students will learn the area’s they need to work in, what they are good at and advice for their performing group so  they can improve in the future. To prepare for MICCA Ms. Krafka will select three songs from the MICCA selection (one being cappella) and rehearse them in order to be performance ready. The judges are grading them on how well they perform their pieces. When speaking to some students in chorus, they were excited and anxious.

“I think the competition is good because we can compare ourselves to other schools and learn what we have to work on. I’m very excited to compete” said freshmen Jessica Fortier. I also asked the members of chorus if they would enjoy the experience because they were going to be judged on there pieces.

“Honestly I’m just really excited to be going. I’ve only been to something like this one time and it was really cool. So I’m looking forward to it” said senior Stacey Roth.  Being a member of chorus I’m also very excited to go. This is my third time going to MICCA and i’ve always enjoyed the experience. The festival can make you nervous but after it’s over you feel like you accomplished something. Good luck to all the members of chorus bring home a medal!