Are You Ready to Party Where the Patriots Play?

At Showcase Live in Patriot Place on April 19th there is an FX Boston party for high school students only. The last party at Patriot Place in February was a huge success, so their bringing it back!

You can go on Facebook and order tickets ahead of time or go to Showcase Live box office. The tickets went on sale at the Showcase Live website on April 10th at noon, so make sure you buy your tickets soon to be apart of this rockin’ night!

The party starts at 8 and ends at midnight but get there ahead of time so you don’t have to wait in line. The difference between this party and the last one is that when the club reaches it maximum limit, you don’t get turned away, when people leave more people are let in, so you don’t miss out on the fun!

The theme is FX-SHUN for all those Fx-tionate teenagers out there. They declared that “It’s time we recognize those of you who prefer love, not war, and so this party is for you!” Go to the Fx Boston page on Facebook for more details!

They are expecting over a thousand people at the party so get ready to dance the night away with a great DJ! Tickets are $20 a piece! Bring extra money for food and drinks! See you there!

Shauna O’Brien and Rebecca McGilloway went to the last Fx Boston party:

Shauna said that “it was sick” and Rebecca said “the water was a little overpriced but overall it was a fun night”

So make sure you bring your own water or extra money to have a guarranteed fun time!