What They Don’t Tell You at Orientation…

Pantherbook Staff

The following are some fun facts that many people who enter Franklin High are unaware of:

  1. Hacky sack is fun
  2. The quickest way from A house to D house is the elevator
  3. The windows in the cafeteria are for freshman…don’t sit near the wall
  4. The pool is not heated
  5. When people yell “track” freeze in place
  6. The tunnel from the field house to the baseball field is not wheelchair accessible
  7. Mr. Folan is a teddy bear… hug him
  8. Human Centipede is a newly discovered animal…remember it for Biology
  9. Seniors love when you talk to them
  10. The football posters are free to draw on
  11. Find all the ladders and you win $100
  12. Shorts must be above your hands when at your side, or below your knees but above your toes
  13. During the eight minute break, The DECA lounge offers Karaoke
  14. Take the secret doorway in all the wings to lessen your travel time
  15. Have your parents drop you off in the bus loop…not the parking lots
  16. Blasting your iPod is so cool in the hallway
  17. The K wing movie theater is only $1 admission
  18. Mr. Lemon chills outside A wing
  19. On Thursday’s the science department hosts “Bring Your Pet to Dissection Day”
  20. Mr. Pasquarosa is very ticklish, make sure to tickle him often.

The above advice is for entertainment only and should not be followed…welcome to Franklin High.