Sarah Fitzgerald

It’s that time of year again, the big test that everyone dreads. Believe it or not, the SAT’s is the test you have been preparing for all your life. Juniors and Seniors, listen up for some must know tips.

1)      Get a good nights sleep before. It is very important to get a full 8 hours of sleep so you are focused and ready for the test.

2)      PLEASE EAT BREAKFAST IN THE MORNING! Many high school students skip breakfast in the morning. Don’t take the test on an empty stomach because you will regret it. All you will be thinking about during the test is how hungry you are!

3)      Be sure to know all the directions for each section before the test. Don’t waste your time reading the directions the day of because you have a limited amount of time (20-25 minutes for each section).

4)      Answer easy questions first. Mark skipped questions in your test booklet so you can go back to them later. Easy questions will give you easy points!

5)      Stay focused during the test. Put everything that is on your mind behind you. If you catch yourself daydreaming, snap out of it.

6)      Don’t be afraid to skip a question if you truly can’t make an educated guess. You will not lose any points for not answering a question, however, if you get a question wrong you will lose ¼ of a point.

7)      PRACTICE!! You will not regret it! The SAT’s are one of the biggest tests to prepare for so don’t miss your chance!