First Impressions; Senior Year.

Catie Flaherty

We’ve reached it, the last milestone, the final year of our high school careers, the time of our lives that we have been waiting for since elementary school. Yes, class of 2012 we have entered senior year. Many seniors have taken the “new year” in stride and have welcomed it with open arms, while others are coping with change and unexpected course loads. It’s a different situation for each senior with difficult classes, athletics, jobs, or college decisions on the horizon. I took some time to interview some seniors and see what their first impressions have been thus far while embarking into the final chapter of their time at FHS.

 Matt Kilroe, a member of the class of 2012, reflects on his year so far by saying, “Classes are really good, but I can’t wait for college even though the application process seems like it goes on forever”. Like most seniors, the application process is lengthy and time consuming but the end result and acceptance letters will all be worth it in the end. And that anticipation alone is what’s keeping many from giving up.

 Another senior, Rachel Flynn, says her time so far “has been great, and specifically about sports I feel like there are a lot of underclassmen that look up to the seniors, and you have to be good leaders”. Captainship is a major concept associated with seniors and sports. They are the ones who create the foundation for a great season for both themselves and other team members. 

 Senior year is famed as the most memorable year of high school by many former students and alumni. The class of 2012 is a mixed bunch which adds to the overall diversity and should make for an eventful and fun senior year. Let’s move forward together and enjoy each memory as a group before each of us goes our separate ways.