My Last Year In FHS

The summer is long gone and the schools have opened already. It is that time of the year, where the students get back to their student role and hopefully they play it right.

I must say say, apart from all the wonderful experiences in FHS i.e.: banquets, prom, homecoming, sports, clubs, etc; there is no better experience than the experience of being a senior. Senior year, apart from being your last year in high school, is also the beginning of another wonderful experience, college.

Our FHS senior class of 2012 not only are they having an amaizing senior year, they are also have bigger plans for themselves after graduating FHS. Not all of the FHS class of 2012 are planing to attend college as soon as they graduate. Some of them are thinking of joining the army, taking a year off, and some are just planing to go where ever the wind will take them (they haven’t made up their minds yet). I had a chance to ask a few seniors about where they are thinking of applying to college.  Christie Adams says she is looking forward to getting into Florida State University, hoping to major in French and International Bussiness. Sarah Addi is hoping to be accepted to  Boston University. She wants to major in Architecture. Shannon Dimartino is going to apply to Tufts University. She wants to major in Bio-Chemistry. Montana Byrne wants to apply to Fitchburg College. She wants to major in Psychology.  And Zach Pisani wants to get in Fitchburg College as well; he is not sure what he will majoring in.

All the best to you class of 2012 and hopefully you all get in to where you want to go for college. For those who are not sure about College, wishing you all the best as well.