Name please, destination, and where are you coming from?

Ashley Danello

**Attention all students** the librarians are have been cracking down on those 5 minute skippers. It’s a school rule that all students should be in class until the final bell rings at 2:05 everyday. Most people who don’t like being in school will take every chance they can get to leave here as early as possible, so they resorted to the library. The tech center is often used as an escape pod, there are so many places to sit and hide that skipper’s are often missed. That’s why if a student wanted to try and leave school early, they’d leave from there. But not anymore…

The librarians have been taking down names of student’s and their destination, also checking passes. They are also not letting students leave before the bell. So sorry to all that are planning on leaving early from now on, it’s just not going to happen. Unfortunately you’ll have to suck it up and stay in class just like everyone else is forced to.