Sophomores Bring Shine To FHS.

Bobby Dion

Sophomores, this is the time to put that smile on your face and show the puppy dog eyes to your parents or get to saving up! Class rings are now available at your personal specifications. 2014 will be there year for most of the sophmores but what color will you do? Or what kind of gem? I you go on the website, you can customize your ring in any which way they have available! Or you can go to the front office and get a packet.

Now your probably thinking, this must be a fortune! But they have payment plans and curtain types of material with prices that vary. As you might know or have heard, gold prices have rised, so they give you many options from 14k to 10k to even 8k! If golds not your thing, they have sterling silver as another option. A new feature added also is gold and a silver combination. To even 100% ensure your guarenteed satisfaction, they give you a lifetime warrenty, free pollishing, and one free replacement ring. Everyone wants to reminice on there ” high school days” many years from now and what can be a better way than to look at something thats been there with you threw it all.