Get Your Yearbook Orders In

Corey Flynn


Don’t forget to order your FHS yearbook while supplies last! You do not want to miss out on purchasing a yearbook for this year. The yearbooks are awesome and they include everyone. They have great pictures from events that happened throughout the year. It covers everything from academics, sports, student life and much more. Buying a yearbook is a great way to reflect back on your years at FHS.

If you’re a senior you definitely want to buy a yearbook because you want to remember your last year in high school and you want to look back in years to come and see what you wrote for your senior bio to see how much (if at all) you have changed.

The yearbook is not just for seniors though everyone should absolutely buy one to remember how your year went. The cost for the yearbook is 70$ if you order Before December 1st, after December 1st the price will increase to 80$ and they will not be available to purchase at the end of the year. Make sure you get your orders in. You can find a yearbook order form on the FHS website or directly go to this link: