The Salad Bar: Lunches Hidden Gem

Jack Corsi

If you ask any student around our school, what their favorite part of the day is the answer will be lunch. This year we have seen so many new options, that we lost some our favorites like the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. But this year we have seen the transformation of one of my personal and a school wide favorite in the salad bar. The salad bar is one of the most overlooked choices at our lunch, but has become one of the best and is the healthiest item that is offered at lunch.

So I did ask a few students about their thoughts on the salad bar,  and they all agreed that the salad bar was maybe one of the most key parts to lunch. Joe Seaver, a senior said “Even if I bring lunch, I still always find the time to go and get a salad. The salad is what really hits the spot during lunch, especially if its fourth lunch.”  Other students like Jimmy Henchy whose a junior stated that “Salad is one of my favorite parts of my lunch, I love it.  It always is there and I can always count of Joanne to have the best things available no matter what lunch.” You heard it here first, students love the salad bar, if your ever hungry at lunch and have $2 don’t hesitate go and get a salad.