Mock Trial: The Haps

Rachita Chaudhury

Mock Trial, along with other clubs, has gotten into full swing. The trial for this year is a bullying case, which is a hot topic today. Last year our Mock Trial team made it to the “Sweet 16” and this year they are hoping to get even further. Mock Trial teams compete in one big tournament and the “Sweet 16” is the stage when the competition is down to 16 finalists.

The Mock Trial advisor is Mr. Walsh and the captains are seniors Ryan Grady, Christine Taft, Anirudh Singh, John Wiech, and Nick Holland. This year there is a large group of kids from each grade who will be trying out for a part on the team in 2 weeks. These tryouts will be for 24 positions including starters and backups. Those who do not make the cuts can still come to meetings.

The club just finished a practice trial in which everyone was assigned a role, a mentor, and in some cases (no pun intended), a partner. The trial went very well and was a great way for everyone to become familiarized with how the trials worked.

Mock trial is a fun and yet serious club. Although it requires a lot of hard work, it is rewarding and is something colleges will look for. There is a great bunch of kids who do this club, so if you did not sign up this year, don’t forget to next year!