Spirit Week: The Saga Continues

Karley Newton

Tomorrow is the third day of Spirit Week, and is Neon or  Tie Dye Day. There was a tremendous jump in the rankings already from the first to the second day, which shows how important  it is for everyone to dress up, and show their school spirit!

A whopping total of 210 Seniors wore their college gear today, which beat the Juniors who came in second place with 157 people dressed up. Third place went to the Sophomores, which is attributed to the 151 people who showed their spirit. Finally, the class of 2015 came in fourth place today with 133 students dressed in their University garb.

The amount of people who dressed up for College Day far exceeds the people who participated yesterday in PJ Day, which is great news! School spirit is on the rise, which will only make the events next week even more energetic, and fun for everyone at Franklin High School.

The Senior Class is still in first place this week, with a total of eight points, and the Sophomores are now in second place with five points. The Juniors jumped from fourth to third place, and the freshmen are now in last place. But, it is clear that one Spirit Day can change the rankings dramatically, so make sure to tell everyone you know to dress up in their brightest neon, and most colorful tie dye tomorrow!