Panthers Take New York

Nicole Morelli

Saturday was a fun filled long day for some students. While most students attended Homecoming, there were almost 50 students who didn’t. These students went on an experience of a lifetime trip to New York.

After waking up bright and early for the 6:30 departure time, students spent four hours on a coach bus that took them all the way into no other than China Town. From there, students were allowed to explore China Town along with Little Italy. Several walked even further into Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park.

With the two hours for lunch and shopping coming to a close students made their way back to the bus where they traveled to the New Worlds Stages, an off Broadway theater, to see an early showing of the musical, Rent. “It was amazing!” says, Jordan MacLean, a long time fan of Rent.

Rent was a musical set in the 80’s during the outbreak of AIDS. The musical talks about the friends and family of those with AIDS and the tough times they were forced through to survive. For some the musical was a tearjerker while for others it was confusing.

When the musical ended students were then allowed to walk three blocks east straight into Times Square where they had almost three hours to eat dinner and shop at some of the countries’ most famous stores such as the four story Forever 21 that goes three stories underground!

At the end of the night the tired students made their way back to the bus for another long yet silent four hour drive back to the high school.