Since Franklin’s new obsession with twitter, a mystery twitter account named “#FranklinProbs” has been sharing hilariously true tweets about our beloved town of Franklin. The masked tweeter “#FranklinProbs” has all of Franklin wondering who’s behind these clever tweets. Franklin High School’s twitter users find themselves trying to discover clues with in the tweets, here’s what Pantherbook has found so far;

1.”I only went to CCD to flirt with boys from other schools” –insinuating #franklinProbs is a girl

2. “#thingslongerthankimkardashiansmarriage Pamela Gould being principal” – the mention of former principal leads Pantherbook to believe that “#FranklinProbs” is either part of the class of 2012 or Franklin High School alumni because Ms. Gould was only principal between the years of 2007-2008.

3.”I only donated blood in the small gym to get free cookies and skip class” –proves they went to Franklin High school(obviously) but also “donat(ed)” seems to be hinting that “#FranklinProbs” is a graduate.

Although these vague hints aren’t much, Pantherbook would also like to advise you to pay attention to the first 4FranklinHigh School alumni ladies to follow “#FranklinProbs” We believe that these 4 girls are the brains behind tweets. All we can say for now is pay close attention to hints dropped within the tweets and stay tuned for more information about the most clever private twitter account on twitter. Until we figure out who’s behind it I guess it’s just another #franklinproblem.