Pantherbook Weekly Profile: Ms. Arthurs

Leah Canonico


1. Full Name:

Marissa Orsillo Arthurs

(And no, Don Orsillo is not my father; my dad is actually a die-hard Yankee fan.)


2. Nicknames:

I answer to a few different names, but my favorite by far is “Mom”


3. Occupation:

English teacher and department head


4. If I Wasn’t At My Job Now I’d Probably Be:

Playing with my twin babies, Faith and James

Rectifying the apostrophe plight of the world

Helping Oprah reinstate her book club


5. Something Most People Would Be Surprised To Know About Me Is:

Given my incessant reading of “good” literature, what may surprise people is my penchant for stupefyingly bad reality-TV; basically, if it involves whiney characters whose names start with “K,” big Jersey hair, or Andy Cohen, then I’m hooked


6. I’m Terrified Of:

Clutter, bats and rats, the satellite view on Google maps, not being the mom my children deserve, and BPA (that toxic stuff in plastic)


7. One Day I Plan To:

Join Facebook, but right now it seems like a time-leech


8. The Best Thing About My Job Is:

My students and the FHS English Department


9. The Worst Thing About My Job Is:

The amount of time I devote to grading students’ writing

(Although I love giving essay feedback, it’s a time-consuming process!)


10. If Students See Me In The Halls They Should:

Say “hi!”