Second Semester Electives

Dean Chaput

It’s time for second term classes, which for many seniors means leaving traditional English classes behind for more diverse electives.

Most seniors are very happy with these electives so far, saying they prefer the ability to choose what type of studies they engage in rather than have it dictated to them. Although students expected some of these electives to be “easy,” the general agreement is that the teachers have done a good job of retaining the integrity of their courses, incorporating analyses of each topic, but in various ways.

Two big hits with seniors include Children’s Literature, taught by Mrs. Pergola, and Conspiracy Theory, taught by Mr. Corbman and Mrs. Fortuna.

Sean Lazzeri, taking Children’s Literature, has this to say about the class: “It’s awesome, Mrs. Pergola makes the class interesting and fun.”

Travis LePage, taking Conspiracy Theory with Mr. Corbman, says, “I like the idea of this class, but Interested to see how this class turns out down the road.”

There has been some controversy, however, as numerous students who have wanted to switch classes have been told that they are unable to do so. Because of this, some students feel “trapped” in their electives, unhappy that the class is not what they felt they signed up for.

Despite some issues, the overall consensus for a majority of seniors is that the new elective-based second semester is a positive addition to FHS.