Dude, where’s my car?

Michaela Shimkus


With the construction of the new Franklin High School beginning in early to mid November of this year, current students may be faced with a dilemma in the parking lot; a large portion of the parking spaces being cut off .


Franklin High School has a large percentage of driving students, and newly licensed drivers are being added to the list every now and then.


So the big question is, ‘Where do we put all these extra cars?’ While there already seems to be a larger number of students than parking spaces, the subtraction of spaces sparks some concern for students who drive to school.


It’s going to be like a daily competition for parking spaces. There’s going to be more of a chance for accidents with everyone crammed together trying to find a place to park.” stated Franklin High School senior Tara Grady, on the student parking situation.


Grady isn’t the only one concerned about this situation. Plenty of other students and staff seem to be weary of the upcoming construction and its effects on our current students; their attendance, and safety. Everyone is especially worried about having to plan to wake up and leave earlier, and feeling the need to literally race to a parking space.


Driving to school feels like a privilege and can be very exciting for both long time driving students and newly licensed drivers, but if we are left parking bumper-to bumper everyday, getting to school may just take a turn for the worse.


Until we find a solution, students will have to get tough and get their engines revving because the battle for parking spaces at FHS is coming.