Senior Boy’s Dance: Not Your Typical Dance


Imagine a Cheer squad of all Senior boys. Courtesy of Peter Willis

TCORS , Mail Room

Every year, at the pep rally for the Franklin verse King Phillip Thanksgiving football game a group of the senior boys put on a dance to pump up the crowd.

This is a tradition here at Franklin High school in which many students look forward too. In the eyes of the students, it is funny to see all of the fall sport athletes as well as others wearing the cheer leading uniforms and doing all the routines.

If you have never seen the dance before, watch the video of one of the past years.

But why do the certain seniors like to do this?

“I’ve seen it the past years and just want to do it. It seemed fun and I am a great dancer.” Said Senior Joe Mammola.

What is different about this year’s dance from the past years? In the past, there were flips, cartwheels, and the cheer leading routine.

Will this year’s be the same?

“This year its funnier because of the people in it are overall funny. Just watch out for me and Seanny Don. Our move is hard body. Or in other words we go hard.” Said Mammola.

Other students involved include Justin Yancich, Jimmy Henchy, Jimmy Keane, and everyone’s favorite Matt Gentili.

The dance crew has been practicing to make it the best they can. With the help of the varsity cheer leaders these boys are practicing Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights until the big day.

Will this dance match up with the past years?

“Of course it will we go hard!” Said Mammola.