Hope Harmony

Sean Donovan

If you have an old Ipod that you no longer use, than your reading the right article. Kendall Coughlan and Amanda Farnan, both juniors, have created “Hope Harmony” a charity that donates used or unwanted Ipods and Itunes gift cards to people who can not afford them.

“We are helping people one Ipod at a time” Says Farnan. This charity could make a lot of people really happy by donating a simple item, that most people lucky enough to have , take advantage of.

So far there has been 8 Ipods donated and 5 of them were given to “The Friendly House” in Worcester. On December 14th 2012 there will be a day where the children at the House get presents from santa, and those 5 Ipods will be used as the teenagers gifts.

The Friendly House has set up different Itunes accounts where each kid can choose their own music, which seems like no big deal, but it could make a less fortunate teen happy.

Kendall and Amanda used their own money to buy the chargers needed for the Ipods as well as a few Itunes gift cards, so they are slowing it down for now to raise money.

They are looking to set up money donation boxes at places like the Elks as well as plan a fund raiser at events like the Winter Carnival.

It can be any Ipod, but even though they are donations, the Ipods must meet a few requirements.  They must have no cracks, minimum scratches, all the buttons must work, and if possible it would be a huge help all the music was deleted and the Ipod was fully charged.

If you do have an Ipod you don’t use than there are four different drop off locations, Mr. Leighton’s room (D211), Mrs. Water’s room (g183), the main office, and the tech center.

An old Ipod sitting around in your house not being used  could make a big difference in someones life, and you could make that happen.

Do you have any old Ipods Laying around?


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