Behind The Scenes of Mock Trial

Jessica Simms

Mock trial, if you may not know, is when students act out a court case as a competition, in some cases. At Franklin High School, mock trial is a pretty big deal.

Both our teams, JV and Varsity, compete against other high school teams in the area. The first round, which consists of two to three trials, in later January. The winners of the trials then go to a state wide elimination tournament.

Students who participate in mock trial can act as attorneys or witnesses. Attorneys give the opening argument and then close the whole argument and then conduct the cross-examination of the witnesses.

Freshman, Helen Huang, gives us some insight of what its like to be on the Varsity Mock Trial Team, here at FHS.

“Its really exciting to go on to the next competition. For mock trial we’ve gone to regionals, which is called the Sweet Sixteen for four years in a row, so that means we are the top sixteen schools in the state. It’s really exciting.” Huang says.

The Sweet Sixteen competition is being held later this month and like it’s name, there are only sixteen schools competing, and one of them is FHS.

After the Sweet Sixteen competition, there will be one with only eight teams, then four, and then two. The finals will be held in Boston of March 20. The winner would then compete in the national contest in May.

Already as a freshman, Huang plans to do mock trial for the rest of her time in high school.

“I’m going to mock trial for my whole high school career. I love it.” she states.

So, let’s cheer on our Mock Trial Team and hope that we would go on to the states finals!