Aerie Real Campaign: Defying the Rules of Modeling

Lindsey Morrissey, Student

Aerie, by American Eagle, created a new campaign to help erase the unrealistic body images for young women.  This campaign is called the Real campaign.

In hopes to help young women boost their confidence and self-esteem, Aerie is no longer using photo shop or airbrushing techniques on their models. It’s the ‘real’ them.  It will show the models imperfections, blemishes and even tattoos.

” I think this is a great idea. I think it will help girls of all ages gain self esteem and realize that they do not need to look like the stereotypical model to be beautiful,” Senior Heather Davis said.

The average model is 5’11” and 120 pounds where as the average teenage girl is 5’4” weight about 140 pounds.

Aerie is not taking away models with that body shape and image; they are simply adding models of all shapes and sizes.  As a result of this, young women, hopefully, will no longer feel pressured by advertisements to lose weight and have the same body as the models.

Many editors can change the way a model looks in order to “fit the image” with the click of the mouse. They can take away blemishes, imperfections and tattoos. They can also change the way a model looks all together. They will make the model look slimmer, change the shape of a models face, change the hair, and change the eye color.

Aerie is no longer doing this. They have models in all shapes and sizes and they want young women to see that their natural beauty is what makes them unique.


Has the pressure of modeling campaigns ever affected you personally?


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