Dress Code: The Do’s and Do Not’s

Dress Code: The Dos and Do Nots

Devon Maloof and Eric Cohen take dress code to another level.

Thank You Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen

The warm weather is coming fast and with this comes the responsibility of dressing apporipatley.

Dress Code at Franklin High School tends to be an issue for some every year. Students now are waving goodbye to winter and hello to summer. The big jackets and gloves are being packed away and the shorts and tank-tops are coming out.

At Franklin High like other schools we have a dress code that everyone must abide by and if they don’t the consequences come into effect. The dress code can be simply broken down to the 6 B’s and an S as the faculty and students say.

The 6 B’s consist of, Breasts, Bras, Belly, Back, Boxers, and Butt. While the S stands for shoulders. This means that students must cover these areas or else they will be subject to the consquences. These consequences span from a first offense warning, to asking the student to change, to even getting detentions if its is continuously broken.

This dress code is said to make sure students feel comfortable in class and don’t feel distracted by the clothing attire of others. This enables students to focus on their school work and getting through the year, rather then worry about what people are wearing.

Mr. Schmidt explained what to look for next year as well.

“We are looking at the dress code for next year, at the moment we haven’t began to talk about it, but I am anticipating changes for next year” Mr. Schmidt told us.

Students must keep in mind now that even though it is getting warmer out and it is hot in school to remain dressed appropriately because administration will be looking for rule breakers and handling it as it comes.