How Will The Old School Be Remembered?

How Will The Old School Be Remembered?

The Old High School Being Demolished

Emily Shea, Reporter

We’ve all experienced the new Franklin High School, with its innovative technology, state of the art auditorium, and varying classroom sizes. Needless to say, the new school is extremely impressive, but what about the old school? How will it be remembered? Sure, we may say that we still remember it, but technically it’s still standing though in ruins. We obviously can’t forget about a structure that’s still there, but what will we do when it’s gone for good? The old school will still remain for a while, but what about when fields and parking lots replace it?

High School sophomore, Kristin Maple, says, “I remember the old school being full of art and murals. I was a Freshman, so experiencing the old school was confusing. I got lost a few times. I also remember a wasps’ nest in the ceiling of one of the old classrooms.”

We should remember the old school through pictures and videos. Kristin thinks hanging some art from the old school around or maybe even replicating some of the old art in the new school can help preserve the its memory. For all the students and faculty, the old school still lingers in the back of our minds and will even when it disappears for good. We should preserve the memory we have of it now for future generations who won’t experience it. We should all try to journal our memories of the old school through words, pictures, videos, etc. to keep the building remembered and preserved so all the future students and faculty at Franklin can remember what it was once like without the new school.DSCN5583 new