Make And Mix Your Jams At Music Production

Make And Mix Your Jams At Music Production

Kyle Perry, Writer


The relatively new Music Production Club is better than ever, providing a place for anyone with a love for music to perform, jam, or use the new software to mix tracks.

The club began last year as a spin off from “Music in the Hall” which ended in mid 2013. Mr. Wall brought the club together after Tatiana Youssef, a senior last year, suggested he start it up. This year, Music Production offers a place for musicians and music enthusiasts to work together and help each other out.

Mr. Wall states: “The club is a place [to] focus on improving musicianship in school.” The club itself provides an environment to improve as musicians. Especially with the new technology, the club is tailored to session musicians who want to jam, record, and remix tracks.

The Music Production Club features students who meet up once a week to work with music in some way, shape, or form. Students have the freedom to work on their own independent music projects at their leisure.

Club president Dominic Salzillo says: “It is cool seeing everyone express themselves differently.” A wide musical range of opportunities are available and it provides depth to the club as students explore different routes with help from Mr. Wall.

Going beyond that are the open mic nights where students showcase what they have been working on independently in the club. Open mic night is where the club comes together as a community to share a love for music. Mr. Wall also gets involved performing at open mic night, having last performed the hit song “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift.

The future of the club looks bright as underclassmen take part in it. Mr. Wall believes in the future that a type of label structure could be achieved where the club is a collective team with given, fluid roles to fulfill a business style structure. Dominic Salzillo believes students will be able to make EPs (extended plays that contain more than a single, but not quite as much as an album).

Take a look at the Music Production Club every Thursday in room 105.