Sarah Miga, Writer

USADFranklin High School has so many different clubs, that it is hard to keep track of them. A club that not many people know about is ACADEC.

ACADEC, or Academic Decathlon, is an international academic competition for students. Every year there is a different subject that the competition is based off of. The word decathlon comes from the root “deca” meaning 10. This means that there are 10 areas of competition ranging from music to history, and everything in between.

The team competes at different high schools around the state. Senior Michael Coppola, captain of the team said: “We have typically gone to Lowell High School, which hosts the fall state qualifying event.” Although Franklin High School has not hosted any competitions, co-advisor Mr. McCarthy would like to eventually host one because of the new school.

Not only is Mr. McCarthy a teacher and head of the history department, but he is a co-advisor of ACADEC as well.  McCarthy says that ACADEC can be helpful for all students.

“I believe that the school mostly focuses on sports,” said McCarthy. “ACADEC is a chance for students who are not athletically inclined to shine.”

Although he wishes he started earlier in his high school career, Coppola said: “I joined because I saw a fantastic opportunity to experience something new, challenge myself and improve myself as a student. ACADEC is full of wonderful and very bright students and coaches that push me and make me a better student and person.”

The team needs three A level students, three B level students and three C level students, which are usually the hardest to find. This means that even if you aren’t the brightest student, you can still join and get involved!

Franklin High School’s ACADEC team meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each student usually receives a binder full of information on the subject for the year, but this year it is all electronic. If interested, contact Mr. McCarthy, his co-advisor Ms. Cintron or look at any of the advertisements around the school promoting ACADEC.