APs Aplenty

Olivia Sabini-Leite, Writer

With nearly two months left of school, many students will be busy studying and taking exams.  One such exam is the AP Exam that sophomores, juniors, and seniors are currently taking this week.

AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, and AP Environmental Science Exams were administered this past Monday, May 4th.

AP Calc AB and AP Calc BC Exams were administered this Tuesday the 5th.

The AP English Literature Exam will be administered on Wednesday the 6th with AP Computer Science and AP Spanish Language Exams administered this Thursday the 7th.

On the half-day, AP Studio Art, AP US History, and AP Euro History Exams will also be administered on Friday the 6th.

Ella Reed, a sophomore who will be taking the AP Biology Exam, explains that her class does “review units and goes over everything we’ve learned.  Each night I have a different review packet.”  Although she isn’t looking forward to taking the test, she looks “forward to passing [the exam] and getting a good grade!”  Reflecting on the course, Ella comments that “sometimes it’s hard and you have to work hard, but you get this great sense of accomplishment.”