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January 11, 2021


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Looking for a new club to join but worried you’re too late? Not to worry! Come and join us one Thursday a month for SADD Club meetings!

What is SADD?

We promise it’s not as sad as it sounds! SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions; in other words, we are a group of students who are dedicated to educating our peers about the quality of good decisions and how to prevent the use of substances. To learn more about SADD, you can click the video below to see our interview on Panther News, or keep reading below!

Each meeting, we all come together on Google Meet (class code = h65evqy) and discuss initiatives that we can take to carry out our club’s message. In the past, we’ve done things such as bring in guest speakers, set up a mock crash outside the school, and participate in the Walk of Tears, a 5k in memory of Maura Howard and Amy Callaghan who were victims of drunk drivers.

This year is obviously going to look different, but we’re brainstorming ways that we can still promote our cause with the pandemic going on.

To learn more about what our club is, please visit SADD Club FAQ.

Who is involved in SADD?

We have a broad range of members who are all tied together by one thing: a motivation to learn about the dangers of substances and teach our peers about them too. There are many roles a SADD member can choose to fulfill if they’d like, including Twitter manager, Google Classroom manager, executive-board member, along with the typical officer positions (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer).

Students also have the option to join the SATF (Substance Abuse Task Force) which meets once a month to discuss the same goals as SADD but on a more community-based level. This affiliated committee includes Massachusetts and Franklin representatives such as Jeff Roy (MA State Representative), Lucas Giguere (Franklin’s Assistant Superintendent), lead members of the SAFE Coalition, and others. Our connection to the SATF gives us a brand-new perspective and helps us when creating initiatives.

Why should you join SADD?

There are so many reasons SADD may be the club for you! Let’s hear from our current leaders to see why they got involved with SADD.

Ms. Letendre, our club advisor and P.E./Health Department Director, joined SADD as a teenager in high school. She explains that her close friend was a perfectionist who started using when she got overwhelmed and stressed. This made Ms. Letendre “want[…] to help other people” and educate those around her about the consequences of substance abuse. Later in life, when the advisor position opened up for the SADD Club at FHS, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to continue her advocacy for good decision making.

Vedika Vinayak, our president, states that she feels the club is “directly making an impact”. Although most of the clubs at FHS are dedicated to improving the school in some way, Vedika feels that by creating specific initiatives and making policies, SADD is attacking the problems of substance use like never before. Since getting involved with the SATF this year, she has begun to love branching out SADD’s ideas into the community and having conversations with the town’s leaders.

Parker Cheuvront, SADD’s treasurer, thinks that being a member of the club gives one “a great voice” and “a cool experience”; he describes SADD as “a community group making a difference”. Parker joined because he was tired of seeing peers going downhill and wanted to be the reason they stopped by giving them the resources they needed.

Final Note

Being a member of SADD is an experience like no other; come to our next meeting to truly see what we’re about! Our next meeting dates are January 14th (this Thursday!!), February 11th, and March 11th. All you have to do is join the Google Meet (class code = h65evqy). We hope to see you there!

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