Sound in the hall records

Sound in the hall records is a student run record label that aids students in recording and producing their own music. This has created a successful outlet for students to showcase their music abilities. Not only are students getting experience making their own music, they are also getting a chance to try out their Djing skills on sound in the halls radio station.

The radio station which can be found at search (soundinthehallradio) broadcasts a sports show every Thursday at 7pm with a rebroadcast on Saturday at 10 am. In addition to the sports show the radio station always has great undiscovered music from an array of different indie rock bands. Every night from 8-10 the station broadcasts “Music Mayhem”, a program that highlights new indie music from everyone from students to underground artists

Sound in the hall records has been around for four years. The founder, Mr Peacock, has built the project from the ground up. In less than five years Mr. Peacock has managed to build a student run record label without funding from the school. He has been able to offset the costs by selling everything from music to airheads and t shirts in deca.

Overall people have enjoyed having sound in the hall records here especially since schools have cut most of their music programs from the budget. More schools need teachers like Mr. Peacock who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure musically talented students have an outlet to express themselves.